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Workshops & Appearances

1.5 HOURS - $400

These prices reflect local appearances and virtual/zoom presentations.

For out-of-state programming, please email to discuss!


Steenz will discuss their journey as a cartoonist from their first comics to their current work on “Heart of the City”. Attendees will be able to see Steenz’s portfolio, how a comic page and/or comic strip is made, and tips on being a working artist. Time can be made at the end of Q&A, how to draw Heart from “Heart of the City”, or How to Fold Your Own Zine!


In this workshop, attendees will come prepared by having read a short comic that Steenz will provide. They'll then go through the life cycle of a comic pitch, explaining everything that needs to be in a pitch document and why. We will then split into groups to work on creating a pitch for the short comic attendees had read. We'll go through each team's portions and critique. Attendees will leave with a general pitch layout document to help them in the future!


Steenz will introduce themselves and give a background on their work before getting into a lecture on some legal and financial considerations one should have as a working artist. Attendees will learn about contract basics, Intellectual Property, and a variety of tax forms. Some time can be put aside at the end to focus on steps to break into certain fields in the art industry or a Q&A!


In this workshop Steenz will walk attendees through some storytelling basics. The lecture will go over the 3-Act Structure, Panel Transitions, and Zines. The last half of the class will be the comic workshop where we draw a comic illustrating the passage of time as well as learning how to fold your own zine.


In this appearance, Steenz will discuss the tools they use to work, from digital tools, to ergonomic chairs. Then the discussion goes into the process of creating a comic and/comic strip with examples from their own work. In the last portion of the appearance Steenz will walk you through pitching and the life cycle of a comic pitch. 

This appearance can be two hours with a simplified pitch workshop add on for an extra $100


In this workshop, attendees will learn the Standard Comic Script. The first half is explaining how the script works. The second half of the class is the Scripting Workshop. We’ll get into groups of two and work on scripting a comic strip. Each attendee will be drawing AND writing in this workshop! Steenz will need a class list ahead of time so that they can pair up the students for the workshop. The students will leave with the Standard Comic Script.

1 HOUR - $350

1 HOUR - $350

1.5 HOURS - $550

1.5 HOURS - $550

1.5 HOURS - $550

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